Leave that bulky and cumbersome tackle box behind!

Everything you need is always at your fingertips.

 Introduction to the TackleTote with Bass Master Professional and host of radio & tv, Jarrett Edwards and designer Bob Bradley 

Designer, Bob Bradley shown wearing the TackleTote around the neck.  Can also be worn on the belt or as an over the shoulder sling. 

I Professional Fly Fishing Guide, John Chisholm of Montana with the TackleTote

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  Tired of packing around that bulky tackle box with about 90% of things you don't need for the day?  Have a free hand to get to where you want to go and how you want to fish.  You need the


 Extra Accessory Ripple & Flat Foam pads  available!

 Wear it around your neck or over the shoulder as a sling.  Detach the adjustable strap and wear it on your belt with the built in belt loop!

Don't waste time digging through and untangling your favorite tackle in the tackle box, spend your time fishing!  

The quick release high density foam pads hold your tackle securely yet so easy to remove for changing your tackle in seconds.  Additional removeable foam pads can be set up with all your favorite tackle for easy insertion in the TackleTote.   All your tackle and supplies are visible, protected, and quick access from the foam panel and clear vinyl pockets.