The Hands Free Fishing Tackle Transport


                                                           Organization + Convenience = Productivity                   

                   Greater use of your time on the water for doing what you set out to do, CATCH MORE FISH!


  The TackleTote features a tri-fold design with plenty of pockets made of heavy duty clear vinyl for storage and visibility on the inside for accessories and tackle.  Holds everything you need for the day or outing with easy access and always at your fingertips. The TackleTote is made of high quality water resistant material with a film backing that will stand up against the elements and continue to look great through consistent use. 


  On the front of the TackleTote is a removeable dense foam strip for quick access of tackle and in the center of the TackleTote when opened, is the unique quick release high density flat foam pad (some pictures show the accessory ripple foam pad) that holds your lures, hooks, and fly’s securely  making them readily accessible for quick changing and no need to be digging through a cluttered tackle box.  The pad attached to a fiber panel is interchangeable with easy release.  With additional pads you can store tackle for different types of fishing and always ready to use. The protective clear vinyl flap that covers the pad prevents snagging of hooks on anything that may come in contact with them.  *Additional pads can be purchased separately.


  The secure zippered pocket on the backside makes it easy to carry money, credit cards and ID.  Leave the wallet at home with no chance of losing it along the way! 


  The slim side pocket sleeve is handy for holding a de-hooking tool, knot tying device, pen, etc. and the “D Ring” attached to the top side for tool attachments provides for additional storage.  An expandable secure pocket is located on the front along with a felt strip above it for drying of fly's when used.  Inside is also a convenient pocket for holding your fishing license.


More than just another soft side fishing tackle box, better than a fishing fanny pack, more convenient for organizaton than other bulky fishing tackle chest packs.  Worn around your neck, on your belt, or as a sling over the shoulder, the slim flat design makes it easy with everything you need for tackle highly visible and always at your finger tips!


  Whether using the built in belt loop or the included neck strap the TackleTote makes fishing more Productive, Convenient and Easier than ever!